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Brazil: Where I Became Who I Wasn´t Time and Time Again

When I arrived in Brazil in 2009 I had a very difficult time finding an expat network. The only platform in Brazil that I knew which had any real reach back then was the now-defunct Orkut, and it mostly catered … Continue reading

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2016 – My Defense For a “Pretty Good Year”

2016 is done and over with in less than 24 hours (Brazil time). Although a lot of people seemed to have hated the year by what I can surmise on my social media feeds – I actually was much happier … Continue reading

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A List of Things We Should Not Talk About – because talking about them only makes them worse

How I came to discover that there is a list of things we shouldn’t talk about has a bit of a back story. It mainly begins with the infamous Race Card. Is it real? Is it an illusion? Perhaps it’s … Continue reading

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How I Stopped Having an Open Mind – and the good that it did me.

I love it when I receive a big time mental smack-down that changes the way I look at things for the better. One of these moments came during talks with an old friend of mine. At the time of our … Continue reading

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The Art of Not Giving a Fuck – while still caring for others!

  “Youth is wasted on the young!” Correct! Most us, as youngsters, never listened to older folk who would tell us to stop worrying about what everyone else is thinking. Some of us older folk still don’t listen, but it’s … Continue reading

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When “Yes” Became My “No”: How a Little Word-Switch Changed Everything for Me.

I was a weird kid growing up, but my ability to assert myself by saying “No” to things never allowed anyone to dictate to me how to run my life – it kept bullies away and allowed me to mix … Continue reading

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