2016 – My Defense For a “Pretty Good Year”

2016 is done and over with in less than 24 hours (Brazil time).
Although a lot of people seemed to have hated the year by what I can surmise on my social media feeds – I actually was much happier with it than 2015, and it has made quite hopeful for 2017. Work picked up for me as did finally getting some personal projects underway. It was a bit of a roller coaster at points, but it is certainly a year I garner no bad feeling towards. I certainly won’t judge it based solely on world events completely out of my control.
But I can understand, maybe you feel bad because some cool celebrities died. People die everyday, though – and these people left a substantial body of work to last for a long time to come. Dying is the price of admission to coming onto to this plane of existence. May they carry on in the next.
Maybe you are upset because your politician or ideology of choice may have been taken out to pasture – fairly or unfairly in your opinion. But that’s politics and that’s life – sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Live with it. Come up with a better plan, better execution, or maybe a better candidate next time. And as always be vigilant and tough – for the cards are nearly always stacked against someone who goes against the norm.
But back to me. I am quite content that in 2016 people woke up a bit. Whether you agree with how they chose to express their awakened state is up to you, but the fact that they woke up is irrefutable and fabulous. Their voices, their votes, their campaigns all went against what the mass media talking heads and opinion shapers wanted – be it left or right. Bernie and BLM was a real thing – as was Trump and the Alt-Right.
I enjoyed seeing the mass media get everything wrong and get shown for the bullshit artists that they are by the average person, both in America and here in Brazil.
We also saw first hand how dirty politics really is. Maybe that will finally get people talking about how important it is to have those third parties involved in politics on all levels.
We saw technology spring forward with Tesla and SpaceX. There were also magnificent advancements in medicine and health technology. Google it – it’s amazing what our doctors are doing these days.
Down here I got to see Brazil reject President Dilma – our Marxist ex-guerrilla fighter for the proletariat dictatorial state. Her Worker’s Party subsequently lost every major municipal election in the country. The people’s voice was heard.
In sports it was a great year too. Brazil won it’s first gold medal in soccer at the Olympics! And the fucking Cubs won the World Series. Serena got to 22 Slams, tying the great Steffi Graf. And if you like fairy tale endings, what better way to end a career for the great Payton Manning than with a Super Bowl ring? And I nearly forgot that Portugal went against all the odds to take the UEFA cup. All that was missing this year was a Tiger Woods surprise come back.
I would also be remiss to not mention that 2016 saw the announcement that Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the 20 Dollar bill and that the National Museum of African American History and Culture finally open in Washington D.C. These are momentous symbolic victories for black history and the acknowledging of how much we have added to American and Western Culture.
Now, I don’t know every body’s personal journey. And maybe this was a rough year for you on that level. And if so, I sympathize because, as I said, 2015 for me was shit – better forgotten and left to the dust. But if you are upset about 2016 due to some external world event that you have no control over – then please don’t be. Life is still worth living. There were good point and bad points this year like nearly every year, but we are still here. May 2017 be just as interesting as 2016 – and may it bring you hopefulness and success. God bless.
Tori Amos  Pretty Good Year

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