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What I am Watching: The Mechanism (Netflix’s Brazilian political drama) and La Casa de Papel (a Spanish heist show).

When news hit that Netflix would produce a series based on the Brazilian CarWash (Lava Jato) corruption probe, I was not very interested at all. Here in Brazil, I have lived through the investigations, which have just included the arrest … Continue reading

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Pico do Jaraguá: One of São Paulo´s Green Wonders Hidden in Plain Sight

São Paulo´s immensity never ceases to amaze me and the thing I like best about the city is how much greener it is than most people imagine. One of the largest green spaces in São Paulo is Pico do Jaraguá … Continue reading

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How to Be an Entitled Expat in Brazil in 5 Easy Steps

Nothing irks me more than entitled expats in Brazil. These are the expats that live in their lovely little bubble of love and joy while wasting little time demeaning any other expat that does not see Brazil exactly as they … Continue reading

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Culture vs Bad Behavior: An Expat in Brazil Wonders Where The Line is Drawn

CULTURE ( noun 1. the total of the inherited ideas, beliefs, values, and knowledge, which constitute the shared bases of social action 2. the total range of activities and ideas of a group of people with shared traditions, which are transmitted and … Continue reading

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Fabulous Nature Hike Just Outside of São Paulo Capital – Trilha do Índio (The Indian’s Trail)

Escaping the brick and concrete jungle which is São Paulo does not always require traveling that far outside the city. Both this year and last I went on a hike down the Trilha do Índio (The Indian Trail) organized by … Continue reading

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Safety Tips for São Paulo

With nearly 60,000 a year there’s no debating that Brazil is a very dangerous country and São Paulo, Brazil’s biggest capital city, is no stranger to violent crime. With more than 20 million people (if one counts the greater metropolitan area) … Continue reading

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Brazilian Social Justice Warriors Strike Again -the story of a white girl and her turban.

A young white girl wearing a turban is at the station. Like many other people, she is minding her business and going about her day. Suddenly she is met with hostile stares and is then confronted by a group of … Continue reading

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