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What I am Watching: IT (2017)

  I just came home from watching the pre-premiere of IT and my senses are overloaded. This much-awaited reboot of the original made-television mini-series had a lot riding on its shoulders. IT is one of Stephen King’s most famous works, … Continue reading

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What I am Watching: Alien Covenant 100% Spoiler Free Review

I just came back from the pre-premiere screening of Alien: Covenant. This movie had a lot riding on it. It had the unenviable job of pleasing those of us who thought Ridley Scott’s Prometheus was a mini sci-fi masterpiece, by … Continue reading

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What I am Watching: Stephen King’s IT (1990) and The Stand

There seems to be a Stephen King revival of late – with many of his works getting a first time film or television adaptation and others getting a reboot or remake. Although I have seen a few of his book … Continue reading

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Ranking The Best Picture Oscar Movies

It’s Oscar Time! Although I usually skip the show, I do like to watch the movies nominated for Best Picture and discuss their merits or demerits. The first thing that needs to be said is that this year’s crop is … Continue reading

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Conversations With a Prospective Client – a Brazilian Saga

When it comes to setting up shop in Brazil, one must be prepared for the hard “maybe” that Brazilians tend to give. It requires patience and a certain level of knowing when to wait and when to move on. My … Continue reading

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What I am Watching: Twin Peaks and Star Trek: Voyager (the back-end of season two)

Twin Peaks – Seasons One and Two: A classic series that still holds up. I am a big David Lynch fan, but sadly I was a bit too young to catch his and Mark Frost’s much lauded television series Twin … Continue reading

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The Poets

The old men sat and listened My words young – as my bones that carried my tongue They taught me language, correctness … slipping between some odd vowel combination The old men cared enough to listen They disagreed in kind … Continue reading

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