The Art of Not Giving a Fuck – while still caring for others!


“Youth is wasted on the young!”

Correct! Most us, as youngsters, never listened to older folk who would tell us to stop worrying about what everyone else is thinking. Some of us older folk still don’t listen, but it’s true!!! The less you give a fuck about what others think of you, the better life is in every aspect. There is a danger in this, though. Indifference can lead to the aggression abuse of power for which most dictators are famous. So here is where not giving a fuck becomes a delicate art, which, if performed precisely, will allow you to live out your life the way you see fit while still managing to co-exist with those other creatures that occupy your precious space. Here are some basic ground rules to understand the art of not giving a fuck.

Rule 1: Don’t Be Offended By Other People’s Shit


Walk outside for 20 minutes and I am sure you can count ten things things that will offend you within the first five minutes. If you really don’t want to give a fuck about other people’s opinions, you have to start with yourself. Practice by looking at pictures of Caitlyn Jenner crying at award shows or listen to Pat Robertson explaining his views on homosexuality. The less you care about what a bunch of people who have no control over your life are doing the better you will be at living your own life, and most importantly, not giving a fuck what others have to say about it.

Rule 2: Don’t Overdo It 


There is no reason to go overboard and try to create unnecessary drama by being “different”. You are not Lady Gaga – cool down! Just be yourself. If you like to shoot guns, then shoot then responsibly. If you like to go to church, then do it without demoralizing everyone who doesn’t. If you consider yourself to be a nerd, or a jock, or hipster, or a rocker … then go right ahead and be that, but don’t push it down people’s throats. When you are authentically you, people will notice. Not overdoing it gives off and air confidence in who you are, and confidence goes a long way to creating a “no fucks given” attitude.

Rule 3: Don’t Waste Time Trying to Change People’s Minds


I love it when Jesus said he can only save those that the Father brings to him. He is admitting right there that he is powerless to change people unless they are being called to change. If Jesus couldn’t do it, you sure as hell can’t either. If someone rubs you the wrong way, or wants to debate your lifestyle and way of thinking, and you see that they just don’t get it …. well, they can just not get it somewhere else – away from you. Changing people’s minds is like changing a diaper it’s messy, and it stinks, and there’s always more shit to come. The art of not giving a fuck rests on your ability to accept that people are the way they are just as you are the way you are. Love it or leave it.

Rule 4: Treat People Kindly But Don’t Spare The SmackDown


While there are times when an individual does deserve to be met with brute force, most of the time kindness works wonders. If you are okay with yourself and some no-life wants to rain on your parade, don’t let them. Unless they are becoming a physical threat to you, your close ones, or your property, wave them off. If they insist in badgering you, then show them where your kindness train stops. Getting into petty arguments with useless people is no way to not give a fuck –who wants to waste their precious time doing that?

Rule 5: Not Giving a Fuck Means Losing People


People are generally afraid of the truth, and even more afraid of someone who walks in it. If you are neither prepared for the backlash nor the friends you will lose when you begin being more authentic, I suggest you go rent a room in a cabin somewhere and spend some time alone. If you can’t be with yourself and your own thoughts, how do you expect to be with everybody else and their thoughts? When people reject you for whatever reason they deem just, be ready to simply walk away and keep doing you. The art of not giving a fuck means having a strong will and a strong heart to shield you from the arrows flung at you by the haters.



Once you have mastered these steps you will be well on your way to not giving a fuck, but in the best way possible. You will answer to no one, you will be free of entanglements, and best of all, you will have the time to care about the people and things that truly matter to you. And that is the key! Anyone can be a jerk, but it takes special effort to become an understanding asshole. Someone who truly doesn’t give a fuck still loves people, fights for justice and the weak, and make a real difference in the world – or better yet, they stay out of the way while others are simply trying to live their lives in peace. There’s an art to that, and it must be practiced and fine-tuned. Be one of the chosen few … start to not give a fuck.

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5 Responses to The Art of Not Giving a Fuck – while still caring for others!

  1. Amy Duncan says:

    Brilliant, Mr. P! My favorite line: “Changing people’s minds is like changing a diaper – it’s messy and it stinks and there’s always more shit to come. The art of not giving a fuck rests on your ability to accept that people are the way they are just as you are the way you are. Love it or leave it.” Yes!!!

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