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Coming to Brazil to Teach English – a rough guide

Many English speakers come to Brazil to make what they perceive to be easy money teaching the language. Though it can certainly be a fun way to pay the bills for a semi-prolonged stay and even lead to a full-time … Continue reading

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A List of Things We Should Not Talk About – because talking about them only makes them worse

How I came to discover that there is a list of things we shouldn’t talk about has a bit of a back story. It mainly begins with the infamous Race Card. Is it real? Is it an illusion? Perhaps it’s … Continue reading

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – fresher than ever more than 20 years later

To celebrate 50 years of Star Trek I decided to watch all of the Trek I could. Some of it I had already seen many times over while some of it I was watching for the first time. So far,┬áStar … Continue reading

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