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Pico do Jaraguá: One of São Paulo´s Green Wonders Hidden in Plain Sight

São Paulo´s immensity never ceases to amaze me and the thing I like best about the city is how much greener it is than most people imagine. One of the largest green spaces in São Paulo is Pico do Jaraguá … Continue reading

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How to Be an Entitled Expat in Brazil in 5 Easy Steps

Nothing irks me more than entitled expats in Brazil. These are the expats that live in their lovely little bubble of love and joy while wasting little time demeaning any other expat that does not see Brazil exactly as they … Continue reading

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What I Am Watching: Justice League – a super non-spoiler review

The movie that seemed like it would never happen finally happened. And there I was, the DC fan that I am, on opening night to see if Justice League would be the improvement that the DC Movie Universe needed to keep … Continue reading

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