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Prince: my bridge to all music – a small tribute

                                  I was all about rock and roll as a young kid, so I remember distinctly when my sister asked me, “Do you know … Continue reading

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Brazil “Weekly” Round Up of Non-News

A somewhat weekly roundup of all the Brazilian news that may or may not actually be news. Culture: I’m starting a weekly roundup column on a Tuesday, following Brazilian logic guidelines. Politics: The cast of “Dilma’s Impeachment Vote” set to … Continue reading

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Why Is PT Such A Hated Political Party? The answers may not be as obvious as the newspaper headlines will have you believe.

Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff’s approval ratings are mostly in the single digits and those in favour of her impeachment make up around 60% or more of the population in most major polls. To many, she has lost any legitimacy to … Continue reading

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My Walk Through SESC Pompeia – A São Paulo Landmark

SESC stands for “Serviço Social do Comércio” (Social Service of Commerce) and operates in every state in Brazil. In São Paulo alone there are 35 branches in 19 cities. It is a non-profit institution founded in 1946 by businessmen with … Continue reading

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Stages of Hot Sauce Hell: A Brazilian Epic

In America, I grew up with easy access to Mexican and Indian food, and knowing the amount of spice used for both sort of prepared me for how much or how little I could handle. Here in Brazil, however, I … Continue reading

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