What We Were Watching: October 2018 Edition

October has come and gone and it was a good time for both television and the big screen.

In our latest podcast, Jeremy and I chat about some of the things we enjoyed watching in the month of October. We invited Beverly, my original co-host, to give us some of her picks too.

We look at some current movies and TV, such as A Star is Born and Blackkklansman, and some older stuff too like The Belko Experiment and The Foreigner.

Click on the link below to listen to the full podcast. If you want a rundown of some of the movies we talked about, keep scrolling.


Here is the mini-rundown of our picks.


Beverly watched a lot of B-movies, as she described them, in October.

Her three picks were The Great Wall of China, which was cheesy but fun.

The Belko Experiment, violent and gory.

and Tarzan, because she really loves the lead actor,  Alexander Skarsgård, from True Blood.


Jeremy stuck with some Netflix shows and a big Hollywood hit.

He recommends The Haunting of Hill House for the truly atmospheric scares and solid acting and writing.

He also suggests watching Daredevil Season Three as it continues the same quality as prior seasons in both storytellings in action sequences. Both shows are on Netflix.

A Star is Born is his final choice as it plays like a classic romantic movie and has Oscar-buzz written all over it.


Phil enjoyed some older television shows that took radical new directions and a movie come-back by an old director.

He really enjoyed the new direction, acting, and tone of both the new seasons of Doctor Who and The Walking Dead. Both shows feel new again after many seasons on the air.

He also thought Blakkklasman by Spike Lee was the director´s return to form. It is a film about a serious case dealt with vintage Lee humor and wit.


Thanks for reading and make sure let us know what your October Picks were!!!


Until next time, where we will be ranking the A Nightmare on Elm Street movies.

Don´t forget to catch out our last podcast on the Friday the 13th series.



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