That’s How Life Is

Breakup song. I dated someone who couldn’t be with me anymore because his religious background made him feel guilty about it. He has since grown out of that, but it was more funny to me than anything. Translation from Portuguese.

February 02, 2011

You left me alone on a day as cold as this
Heard the voice of God calling you to another end

I go out there and see what is going on
I stop to smile even to flirt

Worse things can happen, so I am happy for you, though I miss you
We can overcome everything in this life, because it's all movement
and eventually it passes.

You left me alone and went to another place
God called you, you had to change

I see there the sun falling from this sky
It's time to go and play my part

Stranger things have happened, so I am not even that sad not being by your side
You can conquer anything in this life, because it's all a passage,
all you have to do is try

     Wake up - That's How Life Is

And love brings me so much light
And love transforms me into this light
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