The Gays Are Here To Stay

This song is part of a musical which doesn’t exist. A jokey song for the homophobic types I would occasionally run into.

March 27, 2007

Dialogue: A guy called me a faggot once - right to my face. He thought I was 
nothing. But take one good look at me. Do I look like the type who would blow 
it off and keep on walking. No Sir!
I told him, "The gays are here to stay!"
He said, "The gay are here to stay? What are you talking about?"
Well, I offered to explain ... over coffee ... but he seemed too eager to accept
the invitation - can't stand those types. So I told him right then and there.


history claims from long ago
that dainty little men are abominable
they make up only a minority
so let's rid the world of this gay disease
     but what they didn't tell you
     is that we stood strong
     whether in a toga or wearing a thong
the GAYS - prevailed

religious scholars have always said
two men together! now that sounds bad
get thee a wife and have thee some kids
that's the number one solution - the one true fix
     but somehow we managed, with family and all
     to slip out late at night, some with our wives' under-alls
the GAYS - blazed trails


The gays are here to stay!
Magnificent and fabulous are the words that we say
We watch Oprah sing Madonna and love to gossip all day
Don't eat that banana  - I could use it to play - (don't ask)


men have always ruled the world
telling us what is right and wrong
never have they just stopped to think
that maybe they'd look good wearing pink
     (but) in the end those very men
     can't seem to get out of my pants
     don't know what to do - when I call them a jerk
they say: I'd rather have two

now - not all gays are fairies and queens
some of them are macho just like me
I watch football games, they are so much fun
I really love their tights and those rock hard buns
     in some other universe queers don't exist
     what type of life what that be
     no interior design, no make up tips
the GAYS can exhale - there's no such place honey


The gays are here to stay
carrying purses and concealing our mace
we'll be marching on Washington or a New York parade
going out dancing or seducing a straight!


Well, after he heard that he gave me his number, said he needed a better 
understanding of history. Whatever that means. But I gave it to him.
Thing didn't work though, he was a bottom.  It's the damnest thing to 
see two men with their butts in the air without a clue as to what to do next.


Strong and efficient - ready to play.
Crafty and genius - built to amaze
Loud and emboldened - bright as a flame!!!!

THE GAYS ---- ARE HERE ---- TO ---- STAY -----

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