Philadelphia Again

Philadelphia is a city I love and will move back to eventually. There is a magic to the city, which I wanted to put down in a song – and here are the words. Hard words, but it’s a hard city. There is a little nod to PJ Harvey in the first line.

April 1, 2010

I was born underwater
was down for years
'till I made it to the city
Everything got clear

All the people going somwhere
I got a 40 in my hand
Liberty Bell starts ringing
Old Ben coming 'round the way again


I still remember
how your cobblestone streets felt
Old City in the riverview
Walking down art museums steps

Make a friend on the subway
Someone who can sin along with me
Are you going my way
South Street it where I'm gonna be


Some spirits get hungry
They hang around to catch a smoke
House parties get funky
Never knew me a better place to go


My time is sort of endless
when I put in a song
Cheese Steaks on a Saturday
Phillies finally won it all

I never get lonely
I just sometimes need to talk a bit
Cross the bridge to the city
Gonna see what conversation fits

Rittenhouse on a Sunday
Jazz music flowing through the air
First Friday, make my way around
On that corner is where I found some bliss




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1 Response to Philadelphia Again

  1. Amy Duncan says:

    When I was thinking of leaving Brazil last year, Philly was the place I picked. Seems like a cool city. I’ve been there a couple of times, but don’t really know it at all…and I only have one friend who lives there, but I was still thinking of moving there. Not anymore, though, cuz I’m staying in Rio. 😀

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