I Need Something To Kill These Blues

I wrote this song for my brother. He is someone I see as always on a journey, but not always sure of the destination, because he won’t stop to ask for directions.

March 25th 2010

When you feel so far away - no one seems to catch your drift
see the multitudes around - but nothing really seems to fit

I need you to think of this - the connection that we have
to the greater voice within - to the best within ourselves

You are not the type to run astray - always know where you can find
the message that you need - wear your face like a disguise

Always moving to the noise - metro takes you to the place
walk this city without eyes - but always know just where you stand

I need something to kill these blues - I need something

They talked to you again - not sure exactly what they said
maybe a picture on the wall - will help you make a little sense

Cover all my past mistakes - and the ones I'm sure to make
Everyone needs a release - others plan for an escape

I need something to kill these blues - I need something

We are born from other worlds - we desire the breath of life
Jesus went up in a cloud - the devil clouded up our minds

Everything I took was yours - everything you have is mine
no division in between - all is one and one is all

I need something to kill these blues
Otherwise I'm not sure what I'm bound to do
The new is old and the old is new
I need something

And if I could kill these blues
I'd run to the arms of who knows who
I'd realize what I'm here to do
If I could just kill these blues
I just need a moment 
not to think of you
So I can plan on my next move
I need something


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