What A Beautiful Life

I wrote this song for my deceased mother, the one that adopted me. It is based on memories or fragments of memories from my very early childhood. Story goes that she had a dream with her grandmother handing her a child – she was past childbearing age and blew it off, but the dreams would not stop. Then she went to visit family in the Northeast of Brazil and saw me – the child from the dream. This is translated from Portuguese.

February 01, 2006

When I was small
I lived atop a brown hill
My body wanting to escape
Tears falling

My life was sad
Like a poem
of solitude. What a shame
that everything was the way it was.

But it happened that
I met you
I had nothing
to lose
I looked to the sky
"Oh my God"
What a beautiful life
to live - with you.

When I was a boy
I was so lost
Running from here to there
Tears falling

I thought I was independent
Always looking ahead
But it was all so I would not stop
And confront my own mind.


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