‘Till You Can’t Take No More

Okay, I was in the mood for love. Sometimes you got to let that special person know you mean business.

February 11, 2011

Damn, you look so beautiful tonight
with the moon above shining on you so bright.
It don't take much to put me in the mood
to hold you baby, go a little crazy, act a fool.

So open your eyes when I kiss you
You don't want to miss this - trust me boy
Open your mind -let me feel you
As I begin to slide up inside your heart

I'm gonna love you 'till you can't take no more
Shout for me baby - let me know what it's hitting for
Gonna love you honey - like you ain't had it before
Shout for me darling - if the shit feels good

Damn you look so beautiful tonight
With the stars above shining on you, everything's just right.
Got me thinking about all the thing I wanna do.
Gonna grab you baby, make you go crazy, like I knew you would

And all the other thoughts rolling in your head
are just a waste of time, pretend they're not there.
Give me love and I'll treat you kind
Just take a minute, I'm sure you'll do just fine.


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