It Ain’t The End of The World

Governments are getting bigger – people’s patience is getting shorter. My head was getting twisted and so I wrote this song – cause after all there is still more to the show.

Date: Sometime in 2011 or 12

What's wrong with the system
why don't it work
things are getting harder
more cattle in the herd

Saw you there in the distance
fight with another man
true love lasts forever
or for as long as it can

oh but it ain't the end end of the world
give ma a kiss and we'll take off
into the sunset we'll be better off
oh no it ain't the end of the world

I wanna hear Madonna
Lady Gaga's mother
to make me feel better
forget about my troubles

I fucked you there in the bushes
I made you moan and stutter
my name is not of my choosing
neither is my desire

I saw a beautiful woman
she was a man undercover
I took a minute to ponder
what the fuck I was after

My momma's feeling the sickness
My daddy's working full hours
I'm off in the pollution
The system is the destroyer.

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