I have always known that I was adopted, but that was about the extent of my knowledge regarding my biological family. Except for a few scattered picture here and there, I had no contact with them for many many years. One picture that stood out was of a little girl who was my sister. I would sometimes hear about my biological brother’s progress through life, but never anything about her, which naturally made her much more interesting. Her name was Andrea, and I wrote a song about her. The song is in Portuguese, so this is a translation.

April 08 2009

I don't remember you
but even so I have much to tell you
about the streets which I have walked
only to meet you

My sister, you are so small -
Just a picture as a memory to keep


You don't remember me anymore
maybe you never even met me
but I know that you exist there on the side
of the world where my dreams have dragged me

My sister, you are so small
A picture, such a distant image


My sister - I am thinking of you.


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